Strengthening innovation

Bringing together novel ideas, processes and approaches; enhancing what we do by doing it differently; applying what we know in unique contexts; discovering better solutions.


  1. Explore and support new and innovative teaching and learning practices (goals)
  2. Explore new and novel approaches to our Educational Development Unit practices (goals)
  3. Promote, document, and showcase innovation in teaching and learning at the University of Calgary (goals)


  • Instructor Design Studio
  • Showcase courses in D2L
  • Development of new prototypes and applications
  • Research on emerging technologies, trends, and innovations
  • Formal and informal opportunities to showcase innovations (e.g., “lunch and learn” sessions, tours, communities of practice, workshops, demos)
  • Developing innovative resources to enhance online and face-to-face
  • Technology lending library
  • Course design consultations

Example Assessment strategies:

  • Numbers of workshops, events, participants, consultations
  • Surveys, focus groups, interviews, case studies
  • Post-event/workshop evaluations
  • Numbers of resources created and shared
  • Number of new prototypes and applications developed; Number of uses
  • Critical reflection