Raising the profile of the Educational Development Unit

Strengthening our identity; building our credibility; communicating our strengths and successes; enhancing the visibility of our programming and initiatives.


  1. Enhance the visibility of EDU initiatives, programs and approaches both internal and external to the University of Calgary (goals)
  2. Celebrate and communicate our initiatives and successes (goals)
  3. Leverage the move to the new Taylor Institute building to raise the profile of our work (goals)


  • Conference presentations, proceedings, publications
  • UToday articles, media coverage, social media, blog posts, tweets
  • EDU Annual Report
  • EDU Resources
  • Engagement in UofC 50th Anniversary Celebration

Example assessment strategies:

  • Number of publications and presentations
  • Scope and distribution of media coverage
  • Scope of social media coverage
  • Number of internal and external visitors to the EDU