Evaluating our practice

Assessing and evaluating the scope, quality and impact of our EDU activities with a focus on continuous improvement.


  1. Implement assessment strategies to evaluate the scope, quality and impact of our educational development practices (goals)
  2. Continuously improve our educational development programs based on assessment data and feedback (goals)
  3. Evaluate and enhance our EDU workspace, culture, and environment (goals)


  • Creation of EDU Portfolio website
  • Teaching Connections blog
  • Development of EDU Annual Report
  • Ongoing development of EDU Strategic Plan
  • Provide professional development opportunities to EDU staff, including conferences, workshops, and courses
  • Conduct regular program planning and evaluation meetings

Example Assessment Strategies:

  • Use of EDU portfolio website
  • Number of blog posts
  • Distribution of EDU Annual report
  • Discussion of University of Calgary Engagement Survey Results for EDU, and development of action plan for EDU