Strategy 1.5

Priority 1: Building capacity and creating community

STRATEGY V: Enhance partnerships and collaborations with individuals, units and faculties to support teaching and learning


  • Consult with individuals and groups to provide information, support and/or referral regarding teaching and learning development
  • Provide and build capacity for high quality technical and pedagogical support for instructors and students ­­­­
  • Work with curriculum review teams to enhance, improve, and innovate academic programs across the University of Calgary
  • Facilitate discussions and develop opportunities with units, departments, and the broader academic community to foster teaching expertise and to strengthen academic programs
  • Provide resources related to enhancing student learning experiences and engagement (e.g. NSSE), curriculum and course design, online learning, and the integration of learning technologies to support strategic initiatives within faculties and units
  • Provide educational development expertise on institutional, faculty, and departmental committees and working groups with a focus on teaching and learning, and learning technologies
  • Identify and enhance the success of students through the THRIVE program in collaboration with Student Success
  • Facilitate and promote peer initiatives that develop teaching and learning expertise through the Teaching Academy
  • Evaluate and identify how course and program-level learning technologies can further enable and enrich student learning experiences and outcomes with individual instructors, and academic programs
  • Inform decision-making on the integration of new learning technologies (e.g. lecture capture) and maintenance of current learning technologies
  • Showcase the innovative use of learning technologies and spaces in partnership with faculties and units
  • Showcase and promote inclusive teaching and learning approaches in partnerships with Student Accessibility services
  • Document details related to the pedagogical use (e.g. flexible/active learning spaces) of learning spaces throughout the University of Calgary in partnership with Enrolment Services, Campus Planning, and IT
  • Make recommendations on the continuous improvement of learning environments and spaces with campus partners
  • Enhance access to targeted University of Calgary courses and learning opportunities with campus partners such as eCampusAlberta