Building capacity and creating community

Enabling others; building networks and connections across communities; providing resources to strengthen the skills and abilities of individuals and communities; building distributed expertise; fostering connections between individuals and groups; providing leadership and expertise; learning from and with others.


  1. Develop, facilitate, and lead educational development initiatives that build teaching and learning expertise and connect networks of practice throughout the U of C (goals)
  2. Creating intentional opportunities to connect communities and to share with and learn from others (goals)
  3. Develop and offer resources that build teaching and learning expertise throughout the University of Calgary (goals)
  4. Enhance our skills and expertise in order to improve our ability to provide educational development support to the University of Calgary community (goals)
  5. Enhance partnerships and collaborations with individuals, units and faculties to support teaching and learning (goals)

Example activities:

  • Communities of Practice
  • Support for University of Calgary Teaching Award program
  • Online Teaching Community
  • NSSE Action Group support
  • Discipline-specific workshops and programs (e.g., Teaching Controversial Issues)
  • Teaching Academy, Open Classroom Week, Peer mentorship program, Team discussion, etc…
  • Teaching Fellows
  • Curriculum Review
  • TA orientation
  • Instructional Skills Workshop, Faculty Development Workshop
  • Teaching Online Program
  • Participation on internal and external teaching and learning committees

Example Assessment Strategies:

  • Numbers of workshops, events, participants
  • Numbers of resources created and shared
  • Number of new partnerships established internally and externally
  • Surveys, focus groups, interviews, case studies
  • Post-event/workshop evaluations