EDU Priorities and Goals (pdf)

1. Building Capacity

Enabling others; building networks and connections across communities; providing resources to strengthen the skills and abilities of individuals and communities; building distributed expertise; fostering connections between individuals and groups; providing leadership and expertise; learning from and with others.

2. Evidence-based Practice

Engaging in systematic and scholarly inquiry; supporting engagement in the scholarship of teaching and learning; supporting evidence-based teaching and learning practices

3. Strengthening Innovation

Bringing together novel ideas, processes and approaches; enhancing what we do by doing it differently; applying what we know in unique contexts; discovering better solutions.

4. Raising our Profile

Strengthening our identity; building our credibility; communicating our strengths and successes; enhancing the visibility of our programming and initiatives.

5. Evaluating our Practice

Assessing and evaluating the scope, quality and impact of our EDU activities with a focus on continuous improvement.