Storyboard for Video Production

Description of Activity

This workshop focuses on storyboarding as a process to inform the videographer of scene layout, duration, special effects, transitions, and narrative.  Greater storyboard detail results in reduced video production cost.


University of Calgary staff, faculty, and students


  • Apply theme, colour theory, and design concepts in video production
  • Apply design principles to storyboard visual layout and composition
  • Apply film techniques to storyboard video content
  • Produce mock-up of video


  • Course trailer design
  • Staff marketing video design
  • Student assignment


Support staff, faculty, and students with transition of teaching and learning materials to video format

Recommended Resources

Evidence-Based Practice, Design Layout, and Film Technique

Eskilson, S. (2012). Graphic design: A new history. Yale University Press.
Fabe, M. (2014). Closely watched films: an introduction to the art of narrative film technique. Univ of California Press.
Kurtz, S. M., Silverman, J., & Draper, J. (2005). Teaching and learning communication skills in medicine. Radcliffe publishing.
Meggs, P. B., & Purvis, A. W. (2016). Meggs’ history of graphic design. John Wiley & Sons.
Samara, T. (2005). Making and breaking the grid: A graphic design layout workshop. Rockport Publishers.

Documentation and Materials

Design Principles

Download (PDF, 750KB)

Storyboard Mock-up Activity

Download (DOCX, 564KB)

Storyboard Template

Download (DOCX, 82KB)

Assessment Strategies and Results

Workshop content will be refined through evaluation feedback, and personal observations during workshop delivery.  Content will be customized for each workshop based on user objectives.

Project collaborators: Ykje Piera, Haboun Bair

ePortfolio author: Ykje Piera

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