D2L Course Administrator Community/ Quarterly Meetings

The D2L Course Administrators meet quarterly.  This group consists of representatives from IT, program administrators, teaching & learning specialists, associate deans (Teaching & Learning) and in-house tech support staff from various faculties. The purpose is to provide updates and gather feedback about supported eLearning tools on campus, our eLearn support site, as well as existing processes & integrations.  The EDU, specifically the Technology Integration Group, acts as a liasion between IT (the Service Owner), the University of Calgary Teaching & Learning Community (the Business Owner) and the vendors.

There are about 140 individuals on the D2L CA mailing list, many of whom also have special access in D2L.  Average attendance at the meeting is 30.  The Course Administrators have a good understanding of how courses are managed on campus and are able to handle a lot of tier 1 support requests before they get escalated to the IT helpdesk or the EDU.  They are the champions who help us spread the word to their faculty members regarding any special activities and workshops that are hosted by the EDU and in the event that there is a system/ service outage, we rely on their help to notify instructors and students who may be affected.

Recently, at our CA meeting, we have started introducing free online tools to the course administrators.  They are happy to find out what technologies are available besides services that are supported officially on campus.

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Assessment Strategies and Results

Reflection and Impact

  • The Course Administrators (CAs) are our champions.  They help us spread the word, eg encourage instructors to use our resources & attend our workshops.
  • The D2L CA’s understand existing processes and integrations (eg PeopleSoft & D2L).  They help us take care of basic troubleshooting before the escalating issues to IT/ EDU
  • Going forward, we would like the CAs to experiment with more new tools.  Move from sustainment stage to pushing innovations
  • The CAs keep us accountable.  We have to make sure we work closely with IT to provide a stable/ useable online learning environment.
  • Encourage more collaboration/ communication between the coaches and CAs
  • Set up feedback survey?
  • We should document changes made in response to the CA’s feedback
  • Troubleshooting is a different kind of research – how do we document the process and allow people to see the parallels (evidence-based practice)?

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