Technology Lending Library

The Technology Lending Library offers a range of different technologies for course instructors to borrow, so that projects involving technology integration can proceed quickly. This offers instructors access to technology which they may not otherwise be able to access, may not otherwise be aware of, and to build technical skills so that they can better deliver course activities and improve course materials.

Related Documentation and Materials

Dee Fink keynote filmed with technology lending library materials:

Science Technology teaching forum filmed with technology lending library materials:


Assessment Strategies and Results

None as yet

Reflection and Impact

This library has made a difference to many faculty and staff on campus, who often don’t realize that there exists a solution to the problems that may exist with their teaching. It allows us to loan equipment which faculty may not realize is available to meet an urgent need in their teaching, and for faculty to try it out without going through an often complex procurement process.

We will be moving the contents of the library to the new building, adding to the inventory, as well as building a comprehensive catalog so that we can better share this resource with the rest of campus.

Ultimately, a more organized lending system needs to be in place so that we know what we have in terms of inventory, and where this inventory is presently located.

Project collaborators: D’Arcy Norman, Isadora Mok-Kulakova, Ykje Piera, Kevin Saito, Leanne Wu

ePortfolio post authors: Leanne Wu

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