Learning Technologies support

  • Face-to-face (in-faulty & EDU) & online workshops
  • Tier 3 eLearning tools support (eg Adobe Connect, D2L, Presenter), which includes Remedy Tickets, email correspondences, phone calls & 1-on-1 consultations
  • Updating help resources on eLearn site & IT Knowledge Base
  • Collaborate with IT, faculties & different units on campus, eg Student Success Centre, Wellness Centre
  • Acting as liaison between the university & the vendors (eg D2L), eg escalate support tickets as necessary
  • Testing service packs before deployment
  • Submitting feature requests to vendor

Related Documentation and Materials

Assessment Strategies and Results

  • Verbal & written feedback from clients (faculty, staff, students)
  • Contacts database
  • # of Remedy tickets
  • Course reports from D2L, Piwik Reports
  • Adobe Connect meeting logs
  • Workshop registrations

Reflection and Impact

The EDU, in collaboration with IT, have managed two major elearning platform transitions within a very short timeframe: Blackboard to D2L, Elluminate to Adobe Connect. Both of these transitions were a huge success. We shared our experience at the D2L Fusion 2015 Conference.

We want the community to feel that they are supported, knowing that they all have different needs. Some words that describe the help that we provide: prompt, accessible, self-paced/ self-directed, blended, customized.

We need to evaluate other eLearning tools. For example, we need to collaborate with IT to decide if we are going to update Adobe Presenter or switch to a different tool.

tifdbck@ucalgary.ca – Email address for feedback for the department and members of the EDU

Project collaborators: Isadora Mok-Kulakova, Lin Yu

ePortfolio post authors: Isadora Mok-Kulakova, Lin Yu

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