To lead a community of innovation, research, and excellence in post-secondary teaching and learning.


The EDU builds teaching and learning capacity by creating networks of practice, supporting technology integration, and promoting evidence-based approaches in order to enrich student learning experiences.

How we work:

The EDU values internal and external collaboration as we actively connect and build communities. We respect and draw upon the talents and perspectives of the diverse roles and backgrounds of our colleagues. The EDU provides a safe, productive, and rewarding work environment, where people feel challenged and supported in their efforts. We promote a balanced workplace that is supportive of our health and well-being. We actively explore innovative and creative solutions, and evaluate the effectiveness and impact of our practices.

Our core beliefs:

Building Capacity

We believe that teaching and learning expertise is distributed among colleagues and students. We learn from others and create opportunities for meaningful dialogue and action.  We foster networks and build connections to strengthen our collective capacity to improve post-secondary teaching and learning.

Student-centred approaches

We believe that a student-centred approach leads to meaningful learning experiences and enhanced outcomes. We believe in creating learning environments that provide opportunities for students to actively construct and take responsibility for their learning.

Reflective practice

We believe that critical reflection is essential in fostering growth and improvement in teaching and learning, as well as professional practice.

Evidence-based practice

We believe in making decisions based on the best available information.  We believe in sharing what we have learned to strengthen the practice and scholarship of teaching and learning.


We believe it is important to explore complex problems and issues. We support a work culture where exploration and experimentation are valued and encouraged.